The circle has rotated as a circle does, and the inevitable has happened once again. December has arrived. Cheese and Rice – has this year gone quickly or no?

The difference is, is that this December I am not flocking to Cape Town with the Vaalies. I am spreading my wings slightly wider and migrating to the Kong of Hong. Or whatever you want to call it. 

As luck would have it, well at least my luck, I fly to Bali for a week after Hong Kong. Exciting, yes? Now I must tell you all that the actual Queen of Mother Nature resides in Jungutan, Bali. Some call her a blessing and others a curse – I am yet to decide. You see, Bali is an island, home to Mount Agung. A beautiful and active volcano that hasn’t erupted in more than 50 years, well until now. She decided to erupt 2 weeks before my flight and then to top it off she thought she would show off and erupt again. Ha, what a brat!

Possessing the complete temperaments of a woman, we should be immensely frightened of her but this all seems a tad exciting to me –it’s possible that the adrenaline has come into play. There is, however, one tiny, little problem and that is that some airlines have band flights in and out of Bali and others have limited their flight schedules.

This may or may not affect my flight there, but I will only know once I am in Hong Kong. The adrenaline is real in this crib and I can tell you that the travel insurers must be pooping in their pants daily.

I plan to blog every few days while traveling and keeping ya’ll updated on some of the most fascinating and beautiful places on the planet. I repeat, I PLAN to write. But, only time will tell.

Until then, PLEASE be cautious, stay vigilant and be safe during the holidays. It is peak season and there are plenty chancers out there. Trust me, I am talking from experience.

Also, remember, don’t drink and drive! Wait, there is this app I would actually love you to try using called Cabbi  (a proudly South African version of Uber/Taxify). #supportlocal #Download Cabbi

Later Alligator x