A Daily Act

She started her day with courage.

A fighting spirit and the will to go on.

But she started losing all hope.

It was getting harder for her to wake.

Even though she wasn’t sleeping.

The rings were getting darker.

And there was physical ache from within.

But she hid it so well, that no one noticed. 

How could they, if she was always wearing a smile?

Always laughing, always giving, helping and caring.

For everyone but herself. Everyone, but no one.

She was scared to ask for directions even though she was lost.

I think she was afraid to reach out to anyone.

What if they didn’t catch her?

What if they left her to fall.

Understandably, she would rather not know.

I guess it would be too real then.

But maybe she was just too proud?

Or ashamed to be seen as weak.

So, she kept quiet and kept lying to the world.

She kept smiling and she kept up that act.

You see, tomorrow will come again, and she will get up.

She will wipe her tears and apply her make up, beautifully.

Selling a part of her soul, just to keep up the facade. 

I fear that her breaking point is coming.

And I am certain that I can already feel it.