Eish baba


As mentioned before, sometimes I get to write copy for our company. I enjoy my sense of humour, I hope you do too.


Order, order! It’s time to reshuffle our cabinet Dawpro style.


Dawpro Media will be appealing previous and outdated means of advertising. If you want to save money and obtain more clients, you will need to jump off the HeliGupta and let Dawpro Media take you viral. Let us show(reel) you how.


Short left to the point. Forming an alliance with Dawpro Media will guarantee you no late night dismissals in the industry from the ANC (Advertising National Corporation). We will also commit to keeping your clients alert and watching you like hawks.


This means you will need to take a pledge against keeping a small client base and commit to Video Production, Animation, and Virtual Reality, taking a vow to incorporate Section 36 of Online Content Creation and Live Streaming into your business model. This will warrant a successful journey in the industry and keep your competitors at a far distance. We at Dawpro Media pledge to expand your client list and grow your company into a reputable and profitable establishment, using all media platforms.


Listen now, listen properly, you have a deadline to move forward, consisting of six and twenty, four and thirty hundred hours until the release date. No extensions shall be permitted, no matter whom you claim to be.


Your application to commence with Dawpro Media has been granted.


Have a look at Dawpro Media and Dawpro Digital Agency for some banging video production and off that charts mobile apps!