Mom problems

Can somebody please give me an indication of what age we will be comfortable in our own skin?When do the comparisons stop? When does the self-judgment end? Do we ever become totally at peace with who we are and how others see us? 

All the other moms at school seem to have it completely together. As they glide out of their 4×4’s in their tight gym clothing, every morning. Modeling their squeaky clean running shoes and perfectly blow-dried hair. Good God, I barely had time to brush my teeth this morning let alone get ready for the gym before work.

And get this, they have three kids. All of similar age. I have one and I can barely keep it together. Standing with her shoelaces undone and her collar still tucked into her jersey, I sigh. I have asked her to do her laces three times in the last ten minutes. Our morning ritual seems to be on repeat. I barely jump out the car when saying goodbye to her. My makeup is not done yet and I am still in slippers. She would die of embarrassment if she was spotted with me.

These Goddesses seem to gather in packs of three or four with their takeaway coffees and their brand new Aviators. Even from inside my car I notice how sparkly white their teeth are as they stand there laughing at I don’t even know what. Am I being punked here? Did I miss the memo?

I need to rush to get to work on time and here they stand giggling and chatting as though time does not matter. I wish.

Shit, I forgot to sign her homework book again. Complete chaos.

I feel like I am the only one struggling to stay on top of things. If there are any other moms that can relate in any way, it would be awesome to know I am not alone.