“Must knows” for holidaying in Hong Kong. 

I had the privilege of going on vacation to Hong Kong. What an absolutely magnificent holiday it was.

I have given you a few key points that you should take into account if you are planning a trip to the busy city of Hong Kong.

  1. Keep to the left on the escalator – pass on the right.
  2. The subway is amazing! Use it, affordable and idiot-proof.
  3. People wear medical masks – it’s not you, it’s them. I believe it is because of the extreme humidity, and that can easily make one ill. Or paranoia – you decide.
  4. Hong Kong is insanely expensive. Not just for South Africans and our awful currency. But for everyone.  
  5. Disney Land is a must – but get there early as it fills up very quickly. I started my rides at the very back and worked my way forward – this way I missed out on major queueing in the beginning. 
  6. So, the locals are totally happy to help – but they ain’t gonna invite you home for a Braai – different culture (man I love South Africans) 
  7. Funky odours. Just when you feel like you are breathing fresher air, smack, bam, boom and it hits you like a truck in traffic and you are unable to move. 
  8. Ferry’s are available from Central *
  9. The locals do not speak Mandarin, however, I am sure the majority do understand or mix their languages together. The official language is known as Cantonese.
  10. Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. No matter what you are wearing from the ankles up – you will notice that below, ordinary sneakers are being worn. Whether dressed to the tee or just in your sweats, thisis totally the norm and you will realize very quickly why. 
  11. Eat where the locals eat to save buck or five.
  12. Do not buy without bargaining. The locals will easily to rip you a new bumhole if you don’t, and they really are willing to negotiate; of course only after you walk away and showing no interest.
  13. Alcohol is super expensive, so deffo’s do pre-drinks when planning to paint the townred.


This is definitely a the tick off the bucket-list holiday, but I wouldn’t recommend more than 4 or 5 days in the city.


Also, if you have the time – catch a ferry to Macau. Even if just for the day. The hotels are exquisite and Macau puts Las Vegas to shame.


Laters, babe x