Penny Water

I haven’t written in a while and truthfully there should be no excuse for it. 

On average it takes 15 minutes to write an article and even though my life seems to be upside down and totally crazy, 15 minutes of calm would do a world of good.

I have been bruising very easily lately, my hand barely touches something and I almost instantly turn blue. So, while I was at the doctor yesterday for my usual, I asked him for something to take for my semi-new problem I have been facing. 

I have tried iron tablets and I have a pretty balanced diet but it doesn’t seem to be up to scratch. The Doctor gave me a couple of ‘liquid’ sachets to test and when asked to describe the taste he assured me that it wasn’t terrible but he could imagine that if you licked a penny it would taste something like that. He called it ‘penny water’.

I was beyond horrified by the taste that I felt compelled to email him my thoughts. My review of his “penny water” is below:

“ Thanks, Doctor. 

Just by the way –  your ‘penny water’ was undoubtedly one of the vilest substances I have ever attempted swallowing.  You are absolutely welcome to take your free samples back as they will just go to waste in my possession. And, when presenting your patients with this ‘value add’, I would highly recommend referring to the liquid as a rather vulgar broth that has leaped far past its expiration date and could possibly cause heartbreaking offense to one’s taste buds.  

This way your patients can manage their expectations when testing the product. “

He agreed with me and ensured me that the only reason he was giving me these samples, was to get rid of them, quickly.

Thank you, Doctor, again. 

So, my question to you is, does anybody else suffer from anemia and what can I do to try and prevent these awful marks appearing all over my body at the touch of a feather?