Proud mommy for the win.

The busy excuse would have been the total truth when it came to teaching Kristen how to ride her new bike minus the training wheels. I have put it off for 8 days now and considering we moved house two weeks ago and I have a full-time job and just finished with her party planning as well as the actual party I could have totally owned the excuse. 

But, I put my big girl panties on this afternoon and decided to bite the bullet. Now, you see, most parents are totally capable of teaching their kids to ride. I guess you could even call it fun. However, with me, unfortunately, this is one of those tasks that involve patience and a whole lot of it. This particular character trait, I lack in a way like no other. 

The feeling that I have right now while I type this, is pride. She did it,  and she did it properly.  Even without my help towards the end. I didn’t need patience, I just needed the “desire” to do this with her and that was more than enough – and I really did want to be the one to teach her to ride her bike for the first time. 

Call it silly or whatever, but maybe there is hope, maybe I can learn this skill they call patience – let’s pray I do. For my sake and everyone else’s.